WTF-Moment: Linkin Park Criticized For Playing A Relief Show For Japan!

Jesse Mohr from has quite the strong opinion about Linkin Park’s ongoing relief efforts for the Tsunami victims in Japan. You can read his post below. I wanna make clear, that I so don’t agree with that!

1. Of course there are a million places, where people need help, but you got to start somewhere and Linkin Park have also supported and organized relief stuff for Haiti and tons of other regions that were hit by natural disasters. Also, we really shouldn’t forget that millions of people will suffer from the after effects of the Tsunami in Japan for decades!

2. The point that people should invest their “hard-earned” money in their own countries first really pisses me off! When do we finally realize that we are ONE people on ONE earth? Everybody should decide for themselves which relief organisations they want to support, and in my opinion you should just listen to your heart instead of sorting people and their problems into hierarchies. For example, I have donated to Save the Children, MFR, Donate Life and I am an online volunteer for UNHCR, but that doesn’t mean that I think other issues are less important, I just had to make a decision eventually.

You can discuss Jesse’s opinion in the comment section!

Here’s his post:

Linkin Park has announced that it will play a private concert for supporters of the band’s Music For Relief organization who reach certain fund raising goals for Japanese tsunami relief. According to the group’s website, anyone who raises at least $500 will be invited with a guest to a secret Linkin Park show at a small, intimate venue in the Los Angeles area. Only those who reach the goal will be given the location of the gig. Japanese music artist B’Z will also perform at the event. All proceeds from the campaign will benefit Music for Relief’s Japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort in support of Save The Children.

Save the Children, what about our own children here in the states that need saving? To be quite honest I really don’t care about Linkin Park anymore or this organization. This band plays more relief shows for every other country but our own. Why should I put my hard earned dollars in a fund that relieves every other countries impoverished and needy people? I do appreciate their concern for others, however, there are plenty of issues in this country that could use attention from such big artists like Linkin Park. I remember watching a documentary a few years ago about the poor, malnourished children in southern Kentucky that nobody gives two s**ts about. Why so much concern over everyone else? I find that mind blowing and it really pisses me off. At this point I have no respect for this band. Here is what Chester from Linkin Park said about their current publicity relief party for the Japanese.

“We’re always trying to, you know, raise awareness for people who are in need and people who are devastated by natural disasters, and there’s so many of them going on in the world that it almost becomes impossible to — it feels like we can’t do anything sometimes. But there’s lot of ways that we try to give back. That’s something that, you know, we’ve done and we continue to try to do.”

Wow Chester, you are such a humanitarian. Piss off!


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