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From Under The Dome to The Strain: How Adaptions Are Taking Over TV

In times when the Vampire Romance was taking over young adult female's hearts, the release of The Strain in 2009 started a refreshing new trend in the genre: Vampire novels going Horror again with new modern characteristics. Guillermo del Toro, director of Pacific Rim and Pan's Labyrinth, and Chuck Hogan created a masterpiece with their debut trilogy. Vampirism as a disease which transforms their hosts into brutal monsters taking over the world - a great mix of Vampire fiction with a post-apocalyptic backdrop. Only a year after, in 2010, Justin Cronin released his first Vampire novel The Passage - a tome that spans over several eras after a similar post-apocalyptic invasion of the undead and also the first novel of a trilogy. Now, in 2014, Cronin's final installment of The Passage Trilogy has yet to be released, but The Strain has already taken over another medium: the TV Screen. ...

Interview with Anna Shinoda: “I Was Getting Overwhelmed With The Story”

Author Anna Shinoda talks about her first novel "Learning not to drown": its motifs and how her personal life story inspired it.

Book Review: Learning not to drown by Anna Shinoda

Two lessons. That's all I had. One from Luke: learn to float. One from Peter: a basic crawl stroke.[...]Dad's idea of teaching me was throwing me into the deep end and yelling, "Sink or swim!" Mom refused to help, using her disgust for the lake water as an excuse.
13014522With her debut novel "Learning not to drown", Anna Shinoda tells the heartbreaking story of a young girl trying to cope with the criminal nature of her brother while her family fails to support and understand her. ...

Chat Transcript: Anna Shinoda’s Book Club #3 (Meg Rosoff – How I live Now)

How-I-Live-Now Here is a chat transcript from Anna Shinoda's book club chat about Meg Rosoff's "How I Live Now". I missed a few lines here and there, but all in all, this is most of the chat. Quite a long read! 57 Jenn90: Hello Anna =) 22:57 EvoOba-1: Hey there 22:57 adiek84-1: Oh no, how could you? 22:57 tenshiie-1: Hey Anna :) 22:57 NLopezdeArenosa: Hi Anna (: 22:57 adiek84-1: Hi 22:57 Kate-KE-1: hey)...

AMC Planning The Walking Dead Movie, Anna Shinoda To Write Script

After the finale of The Walking Dead's third season yesterday, Robert Kirkman has told MTV that ...

Toni Morrison Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom – Meet my Favourite Author!

Toni Morrison, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1993, is probably one of the most influential ...

Short Story Contest: The winner is….

"Hero" by Alison Bour! Alison won the voting with 56%, Jeremie Guy's "The French Quarter" came in ...

Short Story Contest Voting! Vote now for your favourite Story!

During the last weeks, I have posted all submissions to the Short Story Contest, and now it's time ...

Short Story Contest Submission: Ierra Miole – Time’s Up

This is the last submission for the Short Story Contest. VOTING IS OPEN NOW!

Time’s up!

by Ierra Miole             It was an ordinary day for me. I woke up and cleaned my house. Every day has the same happenings and what will happen next was predictable, a daily routine. If only my father is here, at least that daily routine would change. But it has been three years of not seeing him and the last letter from my father that says he will come back, was three years ago. And until now, he is still gone. The boredom that we always feel is like a virus that loses up our energy. Maybe that’s the reason why people always have a complaint because every day, they have the same things to do. And because I am one of them, I’m used to it. And maybe that’s the reason why I am very conscious of time. But I didn’t imagine that this boring life would end up so soon. I am just walking in the mall when I met a man. He bumped me and my pouch fell. The guy picked it up and smile at me as he gave the pouch. Then one woman shouted from my back. “A thief!! A thief!” she said. “What happen?” asked the security guard. “That guy took my wallet!” the woman replied, pointing to the direction of the guy who bumped me. ...

Short Story Contest Submission: ShindaHotaru – Time Will Tell


Time will tell

It was supposed to be a quiet evening, husband out with the boys and the house empty and silent for once. You wanted to relax for once, just for once, even though you wouldn't have minded your husband's company. But the kids wanted to watch a movie you can't even recall the name of and he suggested to take them out, probably the only way to get your oldest son out of the house.

Things have gotten out of order the past weeks, or months or so, you can't remember when family life has stopped being only about weekend trips, movie nights and playing hide and seek in the garden. Someday your oldest son stopped coming downstairs for a play of hanafuda, the next he took his lunch upstairs into his bedroom. Logically, a fifteen-year-old boy needs privacy, some time on his own. But you can't find an excuse nor explanation why your son wouldn't want to eat with you anymore. What, upstairs in his room, was more interesting than familiar company?

You shake your head, nuzzle your back more into the sofa cushion and sigh your thoughts away. This is your evening, no need to have your family problems on your mind while they are out of the house. So you lie there on the champagne couch, your gaze wandering through the living-room, a mixture of crème and brown-colored furniture, the little nostalgic lamp on, sitting in her beauty on the table on the other side of the sofa.

Now that you are home alone, you have no clue what to do with the time given. Your husband and kids only left half an hour ago and they won't be back in the next three hours. Maybe even in four hours, when your husband comes up with the idea to treat them all with some fast food. He spoils the kids too much, you figure, he would grant them a wish when you didn't even allow them to make one. Or perhaps he has a better idea of raising kids than you have, and after all you're just too strict in most of the cases. And maybe that was why your oldest likes to stay up in his room instead of jamming on the guitar with you.

Maybe not? Well, you could use the time to find out, now that your son is far away, physically, and mentally even farther away. You get up, climb the marble staircase and walk over to your son's bedroom door, determined to enter and look for any evidence. Somewhere in the depths of your mind, your husband's voice echoes, that having trust in your children was essential, but you have no trouble to ignore your inner voice and walk into your son's bedroom.