Chat Transcript: Anna Shinoda’s Book Club #3 (Meg Rosoff – How I live Now)


Here is a chat transcript from Anna Shinoda’s book club chat about Meg Rosoff’s “How I Live Now”. I missed a few lines here and there, but all in all, this is most of the chat. Quite a long read!

57 Jenn90: Hello Anna =)
22:57 EvoOba-1: Hey there
22:57 adiek84-1: Oh no, how could you?
22:57 tenshiie-1: Hey Anna ๐Ÿ™‚
22:57 NLopezdeArenosa: Hi Anna (:
22:57 adiek84-1: Hi
22:57 Kate-KE-1: hey)
22:57 Alinelp-1: Hi Anna
22:57 Kate-KE-1: how are you Anna?
22:57 Missmushrooms-1: Howdy Anna
22:57 tenshiie-1: Only 6 people?
22:57 tenshiie-1: wow
22:57 A_Shinoda-1: Doing well.
22:57 Kate-KE-1: great
22:57 A_Shinoda-1: I know… small group today.
22:58 A_Shinoda-1: Let’s give it a few more minutes.
22:58 MaemiLP: Hi Anna!
22:58 Kate-KE-1: yep :/
22:58 adiek84-1: That’s gonna be fun
22:58 EvoOba-1: Better, less spam
22:58 tenshiie-1: I agree with Adie
22:58 Kate-KE-1: ok, lets wait
22:58 NisrinZiani: Maemi!
22:58 Missmushrooms-1: 6 people does it count the duplicates Trixie?
22:58 tenshiie-1: I’m excited XD
22:58 NisrinZiani: Hahaha Sarah XD
22:58 Missmushrooms-1: Nisrin
22:58 MaemiLP: Hi Nisrin ๐Ÿ™‚
22:58 tenshiie-1: haha no, I did not count the duplicates
22:58 adiek84-1: Hey guys
22:58 Missmushrooms-1: I knew you would show your face around
22:58 NisrinZiani: How are you Maemi? ๐Ÿ™‚
22:58 Kate-KE-1: its gonna be a funny chat :3
23:01 tenshiie-1: I’ve got this song stuck in my head
23:01 Kate-KE-1: Ritko)
23:01 A_Shinoda-1: Congrats Kate
23:01 vivalaritko: o
23:01 adiek84-1: Which one?
23:01 Missmushrooms-1: Not sure Nisrin
23:01 tenshiie-1: Congratulations!!!!!!!
23:01 Kate-KE-1: thank you)
23:01 NLopezdeArenosa: I’m good, how about you? (:
23:01 tenshiie-1: You & me by lifehouse
e been going to some graduations. Love this time of year
23:01 Missmushrooms-1: -insert side conversations here- XD
23:01 Kate-KE-1: yeah its nice
23:01 adiek84-1: Graduating is scary and exciting
23:01 NisrinZiani: Talking about exams, I’m having my driving test in early June and I’m so so so nervous about it!!
23:01 tenshiie-1: I agree!!!!
23:01 NLopezdeArenosa: Great job Kate, all my friends seem to be getting their scores today too
l be full in exams around this time next year – SCARES ME so much
23:02 Kate-KE-1: i have still 2 years till I finish my college
23:02 NisrinZiani: I’m good too Natasha, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
23:02 adiek84-1: I saw a picture of Dayna at graduation. She looked great
23:02 NisrinZiani: And Sarah, we’ll talk about it later ๐Ÿ˜‰
23:02 NLopezdeArenosa: She always looks great hahaha
23:02 adiek84-1: True XD
23:02 NisrinZiani: Agree with Natasha! That girl is so beautiful!!
23:02 Missmushrooms-1: There’s always time for stalking Nisrin
She’s away on a cruise or something ):
23:03 ustreamer-480582: Hey guys
23:03 tenshiie-1: I’d celebrate too haha
23:03 vivalaritko: If I’ll write a book, will you be discussed it? 8)
23:03 ustreamer-480582: It’s Dori
23:03 NLopezdeArenosa: Hi Dori (:
23:03 adiek84-1: Hi Dori
23:03 A_Shinoda-1: Hi Dori. Welcome.
23:03 Missmushrooms-1: Hey Dori
23:03 Kate-KE-1: ahah yeahhhhh ritko
23:03 BellaFischer: hey there
23:03 MaemiLP: Hi Dori!
23:03 liviacaroline161: Hello!!
23:03 tenshiie-1: Hi dori
23:03 Missmushrooms-1: so where were we pizza and coffee today
23:03 Kate-KE-1: hey dori
23:04 tenshiie-1: COFEE & PIZZA
23:04 vivalaritko: Great!
23:04 ustreamer-480582: Hi Meami and everyone!!!
23:04 A_Shinoda-1: Alright. Who’s ready to talk about incest?
23:04 vivalaritko: Who is Dori? Hi Dori
23:04 Missmushrooms-1: I have an abundacne of vanilla lattes
23:04 NLopezdeArenosa: Hahahaha
23:04 adiek84-1: Always a good topic for supper
23:04 ustreamer-480582: Let’s do it, Anna!
23:04 tenshiie-1: But yes… incest
23:04 Kate-KE-1: hah lol lets do it!
23:04 Missmushrooms-1: i just spat my coffee out all over my screen Anna
23:04 Kate-KE-1: hahaha
23:05 adiek84-1: Anna, you always wanted to say that, didn’t you?
23:05 A_Shinoda-1: ALWAYS
23:05 Missmushrooms-1: I really wasnt expecting such a statement but lol nice going
23:05 ustreamer-480582: LOL
23:05 NisrinZiani: We knew it..
23:05 tenshiie-1: I imagined it waaaay worse than it actually was, I have to say!!!
23:05 BellaFischer: Lol
23:05 NLopezdeArenosa: Mark on the bucket list~
23:05 adiek84-1: Haha
23:05 Kate-KE-1: i ate escargos today ( is it an incect?)
23:06 A_Shinoda-1: so what did you guys think of the relationship between Edmond and Daisy (which by the way I can never remember her name because Daisy doesn’t seem to fit her personality in my opinion).
23:06 Missmushrooms-1: illegal and wrong
23:06 ustreamer-480582: It was crazy
23:06 tenshiie-1: Awkward
23:06 EvoOba-1: Awkaward and crazy and wrong in so many ways
23:06 adiek84-1: True. I forgot about the cousin thing, Didn’t seem important anymore
23:06 NisrinZiani: Agree with Trixi
23:06 tenshiie-1: and romantic at the same time – kind of
23:07 Kate-KE-1: it was interessting to follow, strange
23:07 MaemiLP: Weird, but itโ€™s not illegal in most countries.
23:07 BellaFischer: I agree with Trixi
23:07 Missmushrooms-1: i kinda forgot about the incest relationship when it came to my overral opinion of the book
23:07 A_Shinoda-1: What seems wrong in war changes…. for me it seemed wrong and off putting at the beginning, but I accepted it by the end as okay for the two of them.
23:08 ustreamer-480582: yeah, I agree with you
23:08 tenshiie-1: Well…. I expected more of it, tbh. I was a little dissapointed
23:08 NLopezdeArenosa: Well war does push people into whole new situations and sometimes you can’t do anything about it…
23:08 Kate-KE-1: she had noboby to love, and the only person next to her was Edmond
23:08 BellaFischer: Well said!
23:08 A_Shinoda-1: After all, people dieing and getting eaten by animals is way more gross than screwing your cousin.
23:08 adiek84-1: True
23:08 adiek84-1: True again
23:08 ustreamer-480582: indeed
23:08 Kate-KE-1: yep
23:08 tenshiie-1: PLUS they fell in love before war even reached them
23:08 BellaFischer: it is, yes
23:09 Kate-KE-1: during the war, rules change
23:09 liviacaroline161: yes!!
23:09 A_Shinoda-1: Do you think they fell in love because Daisy wasn’t used to anyone really loving her? Would she still have picked him if she had love coming from somewhere else?
23:09 adiek84-1: The question is if real love should have boundaries.
23:09 tenshiie-1: AGREED
23:09 A_Shinoda-1: Or do you think it was true, 100% love love
23:10 Missmushrooms-1: I think Daisy fell in love cos she was desperate
23:10 adiek84-1: No, I think they had a special connection
23:10 NisrinZiani: I think love doesn’t know about kindred or boundaries
23:10 adiek84-1: True love
23:10 MaemiLP: It seemed like a true love.
23:10 NisrinZiani: Agree with Adie
23:10 EvoOba-1: She just wanted someone to hold on to, that’s what I thought at first but later on I realized it was real
23:10 ustreamer-480582: yeah
23:10 tenshiie-1: I think it was partly becasue she was searching for love and it was also true love – so a combination of both
23:10 Kate-KE-1: they are close, one family, thats why they felt the same way, they understood each other
23:10 NisrinZiani: Cause after the end of the war she came back to be with him
23:10 Alinelp-1: I think she felt like somebody finally understood her.
23:10 NisrinZiani: Cause after the end of the war she came back to be with him
23:10 Alinelp-1: I think she felt like somebody finally understood her.
23:10 NisrinZiani: And to be with all the others too, that is
23:11 NisrinZiani: Aline you’re right
23:11 adiek84-1: True, Aline
23:11 tenshiie-1: I mean in the end she came back to him and they had this almost supernatural connection – that’s REAL
23:11 Kate-KE-1: Aline, yeah, they understood each other
23:11 Missmushrooms-1: That’s true
23:11 ustreamer-480582: I agree with Trixi
23:11 adiek84-1: I wonder if the fact that she doesn’t know what a real family is like, influenced her feelings
23:11 tenshiie-1: I think so
23:12 A_Shinoda-1: Let’s go with the understanding, Meg Rosoff writes it for us to believe that Edmond has a special psychic gift and the rest of the family are magical in some ways as well…
23:12 A_Shinoda-1: did you think that was the case, or was it that they just listened in a way Daisy never experienced?
23:12 Kate-KE-1: in the beginning it felt not normal< like the only way to escape war. but at the end you see that their love is true
23:12 ustreamer-480582: I actually thought one of the boys was autistic
23:13 A_Shinoda-1: Edmond's twin, right?
23:13 adiek84-1: That's ambiguous. Could be both. I don't want to have an opinion XD
23:13 tenshiie-1: I think it's tricky to say if it was magic or not!!
23:13 Kate-KE-1: yeah he was a bit strange
23:13 ustreamer-480582: the youngest, I think
23:13 NisrinZiani: I think she made it look that way to make us see the contrast between tehir life and Daisy's
23:13 EvoOba-1: Maybe not magical but definitely weird, really weird
23:13 Missmushrooms-1: It wasn't normal by any chance
23:14 Kate-KE-1: its interesting that Edmond and his twin are different people.
23:14 NisrinZiani: their*
23:14 Missmushrooms-1: something i can't put my finger on about him
23:14 BellaFischer: I guess they were simply special to her…
23:14 tenshiie-1: It's funny how views change so much
23:14 tenshiie-1: I like that
23:14 adiek84-1: The magic could be a symbol for the magic of a real family
23:14 NisrinZiani: cause she's never had anything special
23:15 NisrinZiani: with her father back in NY
23:15 A_Shinoda-1: They were special to her. And I felt like I would have loved to spend time with the family as well. Not in war, but it'd be fun to stay at their farm and hang out with them.
23:15 tenshiie-1: Magic could be a synonym for the purest form of love that's there
23:15 tenshiie-1: I agree
23:15 Alinelp-1: Maybe she realized that they were leading a life she always wanted to have, away from adults, independent
23:15 NisrinZiani: Totally
23:15 ustreamer-568419: The family had a special way of trying to make the most of each day (pre war and post war).
23:15 adiek84-1: Hell yeah! Sounds like back to the roots all the way
23:15 Kate-KE-1: maybe for daisy it was a kind of magic, because she considerated Edmond no tlike the others
23:15 BellaFischer: Yes, that would have been great for sure
23:15 Missmushrooms-1: Maybe she was shocked that somone gave a rats ass about her
23:15 NisrinZiani: Aline you're rulling tonight XD
23:15 Missmushrooms-1: someone*
23:15 tenshiie-1: But I think it's also becasue they families were so different – the lifestyle alone
23:16 Alinelp-1: Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
23:16 EvoOba-1: Agreed with Trixi
23:16 Missmushrooms-1: Thirded with Trixi
23:16 Kate-KE-1: Trixi
23:26 Missmushrooms-1: its like no quotation marks and one huge ass paragraph no commas and it’s one huge sentence – sheesh take a breather
23:26 tenshiie-1: I agree! i mean you got used to it after a while but it was complicated and when you lost track it got annoying
23:26 tenshiie-1: and yeah… in the second part suddenly they were there
23:26 tenshiie-1: why?
23:26 tenshiie-1: I don’t understand that
23:27 A_Shinoda-1: So the author was doing it for voice. And to make the book have a certain feel.
23:27 adiek84-1: Anna, that’s interesting!
23:27 Kate-KE-1: i didnt notice thst
23:27 BellaFischer: Thats a good point of view…
23:27 A_Shinoda-1: I think… at least.
23:27 BellaFischer: Its a good thought!
23:27 Kate-KE-1: now it does make sence
23:27 tenshiie-1: That reminds me that “Requiem for a dream” is written like that as well
23:27 A_Shinoda-1: I tried to find if she had ever addressed it online and I didn’t find any info of why she wrote that way.
23:28 tenshiie-1: Would be interesting to know
23:28 adiek84-1: Anna, as an author. Do you think text can be written in a way that makes punctuation unnecessary?
23:28 Missmushrooms-1: I mean you can have first person POV and still have quotation marks. It’s how I read it was annoying.
23:28 A_Shinoda-1: adie – there is one chapter in my book where I don’t use quotes.
23:28 tenshiie-1: Why?
23:28 A_Shinoda-1: It’s on purpose and was to get a certain feel to the chapter.
23:29 adiek84-1: Don’t spoil, please!
23:29 adiek84-1: I wanna find that out
23:29 adiek84-1: XD
23:29 BellaFischer: xD
23:29 tenshiie-1: LOL
23:29 Kate-KE-1: i think it gives the chapiter a sentimental feeling
23:29 Missmushrooms-1: Yes no spoilers please
23:29 A_Shinoda-1: And we can talk about it more after you all read it. =)
23:29 tenshiie-1: can’t wait!!
23:29 NisrinZiani: We want to!!
23:29 Kate-KE-1: owww so excited!
23:29 BellaFischer: Thats a good idea !
23:29 A_Shinoda-1: But an author doesn’t just leave out quotation marks for fun. There is a specific reason.
23:30 EvoOba-1: April 1st 2014 right?
23:30 BellaFischer: so cant wait!!
23:30 Missmushrooms-1: Its like idk why did she use it? It’s like you don’t switch POVs like first and third person and once you have a rhythm of a certain way of writing why switch
23:30 adiek84-1: And this is the woman who probably has packages of the book in her living room
23:31 ustreamer-480582: FOCUS!!! lol
23:31 susteadman-1: Love the cover of the book Anna!
23:31 EvoOba-1: It’s the excitement lol
23:31 adiek84-1: Let’s talk about quotation marks
23:31 NisrinZiani: Yeah, where we were? XD
23:32 A_Shinoda-1: You have no idea. I’ve been working on this for 10 years.
23:32 Missmushrooms-1: Ok so it’s my and Kate’s bday soon, happy birthday to us? lol
23:32 A_Shinoda-1: It’s like the longest pregnancy ever
23:32 tenshiie-1: And the birth hasn’t even happened yet
23:32 Kate-KE-1: i want a book as a present ^^
23:32 adiek84-1: You realize that you’re crazy, Anna? Crazy in a good way. A way that gets a book written.
23:32 NLopezdeArenosa: That’s what my author friend said.
o a book I would it’ll probably be less painful
23:32 Kate-KE-1: 10 years for a book? im sure its a piece of art!
23:33 Missmushrooms-1: but yet again 10 years o.o
23:33 A_Shinoda-1: I just hope I can write the next one in less than 10 years… LOL
23:33 Kate-KE-1: ahah 5 years ๐Ÿ™‚
23:33 tenshiie-1: We do too ๐Ÿ˜€
23:33 adiek84-1: Now you know how it works ;-D
23:33 NisrinZiani: Hahaha
23:33 EvoOba-1: Same here haha
23:33 BellaFischer: Haha
23:33 NLopezdeArenosa: It’s easier once you go over the first peak (:
3:33 adiek84-1: Now you know how it works ;-D
23:33 NisrinZiani: Hahaha
23:33 EvoOba-1: Same here haha
23:33 BellaFischer: Haha
23:33 NLopezdeArenosa: It’s easier once you go over the first peak (:
23:33 A_Shinoda-1: Alright, so back to how i live now
23:33 tenshiie-1: The first is probably the hardest…. figuring everything out for the first time
23:33 ustreamer-480582: indeed, Natasha
23:33 Missmushrooms-1: i was waiting for that lol
23:33 A_Shinoda-1: image the book with quotation marks
23:33 NisrinZiani: Let’s focus XD
23:33 A_Shinoda-1: with commas
23:34 susteadman-1: Does the change in punctuation coincide with an event in the story?
23:34 Kate-KE-1: hha ok<
0:10 A_Shinoda-1: Anything else you wanted to discuss on How I Live Now before we move on?
0:10 adiek84-1: No
0:10 Missmushrooms-1: Can we eat the pizza now? ๐Ÿ˜€
0:10 tenshiie-1: Am I the only one who loved the garden reference? XD
0:10 Kate-KE-1: hmmm no
0:10 susteadman-1: I really liked it and liked the character transformations
0:10 A_Shinoda-1: I loved the garden references
0:11 NisrinZiani: Me too Trixi
0:11 EvoOba-1: Well, honestly, the description of the activities in the parn were amazingly written in general
0:11 Kate-KE-1: the story made me think about some human problems
0:11 EvoOba-1: barn*
0:11 Missmushrooms-1: Made me think outside the square about relationships
0:12 Kate-KE-1: and unfortunatly its still nor transtated to my language, so not everyone can read this story
0:12 A_Shinoda-1: human problems, relationships, what's important in life
0:12 A_Shinoda-1: and it was an interesting take on anorexia.
0:12 EvoOba-1: Yes
0:12 Kate-KE-1: that too
0:13 NisrinZiani: Totally
0:13 susteadman-1: yes
0:13 Missmushrooms-1: What did everybody rate this? BE HONEST
0:13 Missmushrooms-1: out of 5
0:13 tenshiie-1: 2
0:13 Kate-KE-1: 3
0:13 NisrinZiani: I was interested in that part, I've had anorexia
0:13 EvoOba-1: 2
0:13 Missmushrooms-1: 2
0:13 NisrinZiani: 3
0:13 Alinelp-1: 4
0:13 BellaFischer: 3
0:13 MaemiLP: 4
0:13 adiek84-1: 5 – I was super absorbed in it. Read it today from front to back
0:13 susteadman-1: 4
0:13 tenshiie-1: I did too adie XD
0:14 tenshiie-1: one day – all trough
0:14 adiek84-1: XD
0:14 A_Shinoda-1: 5. Because I liked the author's risks. I'd never read anything like it before… and I haven't read anything like it since.
0:15 A_Shinoda-1: But… that doesn't mean that I wasn't frustrated with the lack of information or the lack of punctuation.
0:15 EvoOba-1: Agreed lol
0:15 adiek84-1: I think it was the most interesting book out of the 3 we had so far
0:15 Kate-KE-1: its a good first take
0:15 Missmushrooms-1: It was one of a kind book I had never read an author who took this bigger of a risk
0:15 NisrinZiani: I still prefer Out Of My Mind
0:15 Kate-KE-1: risked but good
0:15 Kate-KE-1: me too
0:15 Alinelp-1: It was definitly an interesting book to read
0:16 Missmushrooms-1: I prefer House of the Scorpion cos I'm badass lol
0:16 Missmushrooms-1: xD
0:16 NisrinZiani: Lol Sarah
0:16 Kate-KE-1: it was a good experience
0:16 Kate-KE-1: hhaah
0:16 A_Shinoda-1: Hous of the Scorpion is probably my all time favorite.
0:16 Missmushrooms-1: And you get the rest of the mushrooms of the pizza for that Anna lol
0:16 Kate-KE-1: its awesome
0:16 susteadman-1: That was a great book – so
ot get on that time
0:16 A_Shinoda-1: If we are talking YA books.
0:16 Alinelp-1: That one was really great
0:17 tenshiie-1: But not I am super excited for the Boy in Striped Yammies
0:17 tenshiie-1: XD
0:17 A_Shinoda-1: Poisonwood Bible is my favorite grown-up book,
0:17 Missmushrooms-1: I'm talking in general book club books lol
0:17 EvoOba-1: Same here Trixi, it's gonna be interesting to see people's thoughts on it
0:17 Missmushrooms-1: Is anybody here doing the reading challenge on good reads?
0:17 NLopezdeArenosa: I have that one sitting on my shelf wiating for its turn to be read Anna
0:17 NisrinZiani: Who's the author?
0:17 A_Shinoda-1: no… tell us more, missmushrooms…. what's it about?
0:17 tenshiie-1: I DO
0:17 Kate-KE-1: yes tell us pls
0:18 NisrinZiani: I'd like to check it out
0:18 tenshiie-1: You can set yourself a challenge on goodreads how many books you wanna read in a year
e mine set to 20 i'm currently at 8 books
0:18 tenshiie-1: 3/20
0:19 tenshiie-1: I'm slack lol
0:19 BellaFischer: sounds pretty cool
0:19 Missmushrooms-1: I'm 2 books ahead of schedule
0:19 Kate-KE-1: interesting, thats cool
0:19 A_Shinoda-1: NisrinZiani – Barbara Kingsolver is the author of Poisonwood Bible, John Boyne wrote Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
0:19 NisrinZiani: That's interesting! I'd like to join that challenge
0:19 adiek84-1: I've set mine to 25 but I didn't count. I think I'm at 6 or 7
0:19 A_Shinoda-1: Do picture books count? LOL
0:19 BellaFischer: LOL
0:19 Missmushrooms-1: Sadly no ๐Ÿ™
0:19 Kate-KE-1: hahah
0:19 adiek84-1: Haha
0:19 Kate-KE-1: mangas
0:19 NLopezdeArenosa: If they do I'm at 23 with all the kids I babysit haha
0:19 tenshiie-1: LOOOL then my challenge would be WAY higher than 20
0:19 adiek84-1: I had to read to my nephews the other day. Book after book, my throat was dying XD
0:19 tenshiie-1: haha
0:20 Kate-KE-1: lol
0:20 Missmushrooms-1: I'm at like 40 with my kids if they do
:20 A_Shinoda-1: I have at least 100 memorized by now.
0:20 EvoOba-1: How about music books? I've been reading bios and stuff from various artists
0:20 Missmushrooms-1: Damn you Peppa Pig! Invading my house hold
0:20 Kate-KE-1: you won ๐Ÿ˜‰
0:20 tenshiie-1: doesn't matter, Eva ๐Ÿ˜‰
0:20 Missmushrooms-1: I've finished reading Marilyn manson's bio
0:20 Kate-KE-1: wikipedia counts?)
0:20 Missmushrooms-1: and Corey Taylor's -swoons-
0:20 NisrinZiani: Thanks Anna, was asking for Poisonwood Bible's author ๐Ÿ™‚
0:21 adiek84-1: In Germany, they have books in the Happy Meals at Mc Donalds now. So awesome! You get in and you see parents reading to their kids
0:21 EvoOba-1: U2, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Chili Peppers for me. Also the history of Rock And Rock and how it all started lol
0:21 tenshiie-1: They do? HOW epic
0:21 Missmushrooms-1: I'm currently reading the Evernight series by Claudia Gray
0:21 tenshiie-1: I need to have a happy meal
0:21 EvoOba-1: Corey's I haven't read yet
0:21 NLopezdeArenosa: Nisrin let me know when you read it, I also have it waiting to be read (:
0:21 Missmushrooms-1: hands off my Corey bio Eva lol
0:21 adiek84-1: I'm currently reading the last of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I'm so sad
0:21 tenshiie-1: I still need to continue on Clcokwork Angel
0:21 EvoOba-1: lol
0:21 NisrinZiani: Allright Natasha ๐Ÿ™‚
0:21 Kate-KE-1: Im reading Anne Frank's Journal
memorised a total of four quotes now
0:22 NisrinZiani: I'm reading my History book XD
0:22 Missmushrooms-1: My Memoirs of A Geisha just got sent
0:22 EvoOba-1: Anyone a fan of Agatha Christie?
0:22 NLopezdeArenosa: Dog behavior for me (;
0:22 A_Shinoda-1: So for next time… Friday June 28th at 2pm? It gives us a month to read it… or do we need more time?
0:22 Missmushrooms-1: That's fine
0:22 Kate-KE-1: next week we have s discussion with french autors. so great!!!
0:22 tenshiie-1: Nope
0:23 adiek84-1: Okay
0:23 Kate-KE-1: great
0:23 susteadman-1: month is fine
0:23 EvoOba-1: Fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚
0:23 NLopezdeArenosa: Sounds good
0:23 BellaFischer: its fine
0:23 A_Shinoda-1: right… June 28th 2pm PST….
:23 Kate-KE-1: good
0:23 Alinelp-1: That's the day of my graduation!
0:23 Missmushrooms-1: WAIT who's supplying the pizza?
0:24 A_Shinoda-1: it's a good thing that I forget that you all are from all around the world.
0:24 NisrinZiani: Will you write a blog about it Anna? I won't remember lol
0:24 Missmushrooms-1: The most important question of all
0:24 EvoOba-1: We're all over haha
0:24 A_Shinoda-1: yes, I will do a blog post as a reminder.
0:24 Kate-KE-1: it would be 11pm for me, but its ok
0:24 tenshiie-1: haha international bookclub
0:24 adiek84-1: The world chats with you
0:24 Missmushrooms-1: i think i just found someone who's in my time zone
0:25 A_Shinoda-1: Is anyone in my time zone?
0:25 adiek84-1: Natasha is
0:25 NLopezdeArenosa: I am :DD
0:25 adiek84-1: XD
0:25 Kate-KE-1: Russia, other part of the world xD
0:25 NLopezdeArenosa: Ew creepy smiley
0:25 tenshiie-1: and dori
0:25 tenshiie-1: if shes still here
0:25 A_Shinoda-1: and I think Dori lives in California somewhere too
0:25 NLopezdeArenosa: Santa Barbara!
0:25 tenshiie-1: santa barbara
0:25 NLopezdeArenosa: I think…
0:25 Missmushrooms-1: Ally's in Georgia bt she's now here
0:25 tenshiie-1: yesh
0:25 Missmushrooms-1: different time zone too
0:25 Missmushrooms-1: not*
0:26 tenshiie-1: europe is the strongest here or?
0:26 A_Shinoda-1: So we've got Russia, Germany, Austraila, Spain, United States…
0:26 Missmushrooms-1: Sydney time zone I live in the future
0:26 EvoOba-1: and Greece
0:26 MaemiLP: And Czech Republic
0:26 cammiranda: And Brazil
0:26 BellaFischer: And Austria!
0:26 tenshiie-1: greece yes
0:26 Missmushrooms-1: Australia
0:26 susteadman-1: Brisbane for me
0:26 Kate-KE-1: Serbia
0:26 NLopezdeArenosa: We almost had someone from Cape Town but they couldn't stay up so late lol
0:27 adiek84-1: Anna, come to my country! ;-D
0:27 Missmushrooms-1: Omg high five for Brisbane!
0:27 adiek84-1: Insider
0:27 Kate-KE-1: haha adie xDLo
0:27 Missmushrooms-1: Im going there in a few weeks
0:27 tenshiie-1: LOOOOL
0:27 susteadman-1: high five Sydney!
0:27 Missmushrooms-1: birthday shout outs for me and Kate Anna?
0:27 Missmushrooms-1: Lmao
0:27 tenshiie-1: Adie? Come to my country? ๐Ÿ˜›
0:28 A_Shinoda-1: Happy Birthday!
0:28 adiek84-1: Lol, Trixi
0:28 Kate-KE-1: thank you!!
0:28 EvoOba-1: You all need to come to my country and have a party at the beach…too hot already
0:28 Missmushrooms-1: thank you!
0:29 A_Shinoda-1: I have never been to Russia. But I've been to the rest of the countries even if it was just for a day.

0:30 NephthysPhoenix-1: I probably just missed everything
0:30 A_Shinoda-1: Okay everyone… start over from the beginning for Ally.
0:30 NLopezdeArenosa: Hi Ally
0:30 adiek84-1: Hi Ally!
0:30 EvoOba-1: Hey Ally!
0:30 NisrinZiani: Sarah let's leave that for later XD
0:30 Kate-KE-1: Russia is beautiful. sometimes to cold, bu its nice
0:30 NisrinZiani: Hello Ally!!
0:30 NephthysPhoenix-1: oh thank you Anna xD it's ok
0:30 Missmushrooms-1: Can i throw my book at you Ally for being late LOL
0:30 NephthysPhoenix-1: HI EVERYONE I <3 YOU ALL
0:30 MaemiLP: Hi Ally
0:30 adiek84-1: Ally, take a look at my blog after this
0:30 BellaFischer: Hey Ally
0:30 Kate-KE-1: hey Ally
0:30 NephthysPhoenix-1: OK
0:30 tenshiie-1: HI ALLY
0:30 tenshiie-1: HAVE PIZZA
0:31 NephthysPhoenix-1: HI TRIXI. OK
0:31 Missmushrooms-1: I HAVE PIZZA and vodka and coffee
0:31 NephthysPhoenix-1: ~steals all of it~
0:31 NephthysPhoenix-1: I had Dairy Queen
0:31 NisrinZiani: Omg you stole Sarah's sentence Trixi XD
0:31 A_Shinoda-1: incest, war, no quotation marks, frustrations with the writing, pizza, coffee, where we live.
0:31 Kate-KE-1: Vodka!!
0:31 tenshiie-1: I did not… we have shared custody LOL
0:31 Missmushrooms-1: OMG I have that coconut Jeri sent me from California still
0:31 Missmushrooms-1: coconut rum*
0:31 A_Shinoda-1: that about covers it, right?
0:31 EvoOba-1: We forgot to talk about Tim Tams
0:31 NephthysPhoenix-1: I think so
0:31 Missmushrooms-1: I HAVE THOSE
0:31 NLopezdeArenosa: Can we add garden talk to it? lol
0:32 NisrinZiani: And Milka!
0:32 NephthysPhoenix-1: I don't drink Alcohol
0:32 adiek84-1: You forgot gardens and animals that eat humans
0:32 Kate-KE-1: Mike *-*
0:32 NephthysPhoenix-1: I read milka as mike ~face palm~ what is milka
0:32 EvoOba-1: And I had them last week on my bday thanks to you ๐Ÿ˜€
0:32 Kate-KE-1: milka
0:32 Missmushrooms-1: and PSTD
0:32 Kate-KE-1: it wa Milka
0:32 A_Shinoda-1: oh that's right. Gardens, flesh eating animals and PTSD.
0:32 Missmushrooms-1: i have like six packets of them in my kitchen of Tim Tams
0:32 NephthysPhoenix-1: well to sumarize my pov, I liked it. Yeah the quotes bothered me but I got over it. Other words I thought it was good
0:32 NisrinZiani: Milka is the best chocolate ever made
0:32 NephthysPhoenix-1: my summary
0:32 NephthysPhoenix-1: xDS
0:32 A_Shinoda-1: and that Mike likes walking dead. He also loved this book.
0:33 NephthysPhoenix-1: Season 4 needs to come out
0:33 adiek84-1: Does he read a lot? I don't know many guys that do
love TWD…
0:33 Missmushrooms-1: Im watching Sesame St this is quality tv guys
0:33 Kate-KE-1: thats great
0:33 tenshiie-1: LOOOVe it when men read
0:33 NLopezdeArenosa: except the pilot where the horse had a bad day ):
0:33 A_Shinoda-1: he likes to read business books, but when I come across one I know he would love, he will get into a novel.
0:33 Kate-KE-1: would you give this book to you kids to read?
0:33 NisrinZiani: That's right Adie, they always prefers to wait for the movie versiom to come out lol
0:33 adiek84-1: Lol, you mean the pilot where humanity had a bad day
that poor horse
0:34 NisrinZiani: prefer*
0:34 tenshiie-1: I'd always prefer the book over a movie
0:34 A_Shinoda-1: My kids are way too young for this book, but one day, yes.
0:34 NisrinZiani: version*
0:34 NLopezdeArenosa: I'm more concerned about the horse LOL
0:34 Missmushrooms-1: is it really that gory from the screen shots and what i've heard about it?
0:34 NephthysPhoenix-1: well it is about zombies
0:34 NephthysPhoenix-1: xD
0:34 EvoOba-1: Business books? How come? lol I'm studying management and I'm all over them, not fun lol
0:34 NLopezdeArenosa: I almost shut it off and didn't continue the series
0:34 NisrinZiani: I like business books too (I'm studying economics XD)
0:34 Kate-KE-1: great. i 'd recommend it too
0:35 Missmushrooms-1: I think zombies are overdone I like Shaun of the Dead though
0:35 NephthysPhoenix-1: I havent read a business book since college
0:35 NephthysPhoenix-1: I dont think I seen that
0:35 Kate-KE-1: im studing sociology
0:35 NLopezdeArenosa: I have to read and summarize business texts for my dad
0:35 adiek84-1: Walking Dead: Gory, yes. But you get used to it
0:35 Missmushrooms-1: what. You haven't seen Shaun of the Dead?! Omg my life is incomplete.
0:35 Missmushrooms-1: xD
0:35 NephthysPhoenix-1: you;'re talking to a girl who waited 26 years to try Red Lobster
0:35 NephthysPhoenix-1: and never had tim tams
0:35 tenshiie-1: TWD is harmless
0:35 EvoOba-1: Anyone into NCIS or Person of Interest?
0:36 Alinelp-1: What kinds of business books does he read?
0:36 tenshiie-1: could be way worse
0:36 A_Shinoda-1: He reads a lot of Malcolm Gladwell and Chris Anderson and Tim Ferriss.
0:36 Missmushrooms-1: I haven't been able to send them cos it's been raining Ally i was meant to tell you that
0:36 NisrinZiani: I recomment to you The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford Eva
0:36 NephthysPhoenix-1: My husband watches NCIS. I just watch it when he does
0:36 Missmushrooms-1: but TIm Tams are on their way!
0:36 NisrinZiani: it's one of my favs
0:36 NephthysPhoenix-1: it's ok I can wait xD
0:36 Kate-KE-1: i like philosophy books
0:36 Missmushrooms-1: I watch Bones and Castle
0:36 NisrinZiani: recommend*
0:36 NephthysPhoenix-1: I havent watched Bones in forever
0:36 NephthysPhoenix-1: I watch nothing atm all seasons ended for the season
0:37 NLopezdeArenosa: Any shows you watch Anna?
0:37 BellaFischer: Bones is pretty cool. I LOVE Criminal Minds
0:37 Missmushrooms-1: It's been ages since I've perved on NCIS guys I mean watched the show
0:37 adiek84-1: Anna, do you like to read business books, also? I think they'd bore me to death
0:37 tenshiie-1: CRIMINAL MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!
0:37 EvoOba-1: Got one from Chris Anderson "the past and future of radical price
h me, Adie
0:37 tenshiie-1: Anyone wanna switch Business Books again MED BOOKS?
0:37 A_Shinoda-1: I don't watch TV much. Unless you count kid shows.
0:37 Missmushrooms-1: Seinfield will always be a classic!
0:37 A_Shinoda-1: sigh.
0:37 A_Shinoda-1: I used to watch TV…
0:37 NLopezdeArenosa: I have all the kid shows memorized word for word
0:37 tenshiie-1: I think my Anatomy book is killing me one day!!
0:37 Missmushrooms-1: Like Friends. And Frasier.
0:37 Kate-KE-1: Sesam street
0:38 adiek84-1: Which ones, Anna? I have 4 nephews, they watch Firefighter Sam, Jungle Book, Lion King
0:38 NephthysPhoenix-1: kids shows! SPONGEBOB
0:38 NLopezdeArenosa: Especially Busy Town =_______=
0:38 Missmushrooms-1: I'm watching Sesame St atm
0:38 A_Shinoda-1: My favorite show was Six Feet Under.
0:38 Missmushrooms-1: anyone jealous?
0:38 EvoOba-1: I'd kill to watch Cartoon Network shows again to be honest. Best cartoon channel ever
0:38 tenshiie-1: Loved six feet under
0:38 NephthysPhoenix-1: CN + Nick shows aren't good anymore. They are designed not for me anymore xD
0:38 Kate-KE-1: Teletubies
0:38 EvoOba-1: Foster's Home was legendary!
0:38 NephthysPhoenix-1: Slender Teletubies
0:38 Missmushrooms-1: Teletubies are evil even to my three year old
0:38 tenshiie-1: I think the quality of kids shows had gone pretty low ๐Ÿ™
0:39 EvoOba-1: Agreed
0:39 NephthysPhoenix-1: I liked that show. It came out when i was in High School
0:39 adiek84-1: Homeland, Grimm, TWD, Hell on Wheels, Boardwalk Empire, Falling Skies, Defiance, True Blood, Dexter
0:39 Kate-KE-1: Slender man is awesome
0:39 Missmushrooms-1: they've made Fireman Sam 3D! :O
0:39 NephthysPhoenix-1: I think it's because we're older
ws, and soccer matches sometimes XD
0:39 A_Shinoda-1: Winnie the Pooh is also popular around here right now.
0:39 NephthysPhoenix-1: hiii but IDK you
0:39 adiek84-1: Interesting! XD
0:39 Missmushrooms-1: In the Nght Garden anyone?
0:39 Kate-KE-1: M.D. House
0:39 NephthysPhoenix-1: HOUSE
0:39 tenshiie-1: MY CHILDHOOD HERO!!!!!!!! Winnie
0:39 NephthysPhoenix-1: Law & Order
0:40 NephthysPhoenix-1: I think Doug was mine
0:40 A_Shinoda-1: "You and me solve a mystery with Huckle! IN BUSY TOWN!"
0:40 adiek84-1: One of my nephews is crazy for Winnie the Pooh
0:40 NLopezdeArenosa: HAHA YES!
0:40 tenshiie-1: I love Winnie – I still watch him whehn hes on
0:40 Kate-KE-1: i like the russian Winnie
0:40 Missmushrooms-1: Macca and Pacca and the Tumble boos
0:40 adiek84-1: I think Winnie the Pooh has an awesome sense of humour!
0:40 Kate-KE-1: he's cool. too
ove Tigger
0:40 NephthysPhoenix-1: LAst time I watched winni anything was Kingdom Hearts
0:40 adiek84-1: I'm in stitches when I watch it
0:40 NLopezdeArenosa: Eeyore <33
0:40 BellaFischer: TIGGGGGGGA!!!
0:40 Missmushrooms-1: In the Night Garden is the scariest crap i have ever watched as a kids show my kids love it i find it disturbing
0:41 Kate-KE-1: Pokemon! i'm still watching xD
0:41 EvoOba-1: it's funny how each character suffers from something ADHD
0:41 adiek84-1: The donkey is hilariously depressed
0:41 tenshiie-1: IAH
0:41 NLopezdeArenosa: Hahaha
0:41 Basti04: only girls here? :O
0:41 tenshiie-1: How's his name in english?
0:41 Kate-KE-1: yep
0:41 EvoOba-1: i.e ADHD*
0:41 Missmushrooms-1: I'm an old skool Beatrix Potter fan
0:41 Missmushrooms-1: Peter Rabbit over Winnie the Pooh for me
0:42 adiek84-1: Good question, Trixi! What's the donkey's English name?
0:42 EvoOba-1: Gary Trixi?
0:42 NephthysPhoenix-1: What we spelling?
0:42 adiek84-1: IA in Germany
0:42 NLopezdeArenosa: ….Eeyore?
0:42 Missmushrooms-1: Eeyore
0:42 NephthysPhoenix-1: Eeyore
0:42 NLopezdeArenosa: He has different names?
0:42 NephthysPhoenix-1: the donkey xD
0:42 NLopezdeArenosa: ee-your
0:42 NLopezdeArenosa: haha
0:42 NephthysPhoenix-1: Rabbit
0:42 Kate-KE-1: google it
0:42 tenshiie-1: Thats hilarious XD
0:43 A_Shinoda-1: Alright everyone, I need to get going. Thanks for reading with me and discussing this bizarre book. Looking forward to next month's discussion of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

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  • comment-avatar
    kattoda 25. May 2013 (1:01)

    thank you! it was a great chat ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Next Book Club | Anna Shinoda 25. May 2013 (2:34)

    […] I’ve really enjoyed the chats so far. ย Today’s seemed an especially good one. ย I think part of what made it so interesting was the wide variety of opinions, especially about Meg Rosoff’s writing style in How I Live Now. ย We had ratings from 2 to 5 stars. ย If you missed Book Club this week and would like to check out what we talked about, awesome adiek84 was able to do a chat transcript that you can read here. […]

  • comment-avatar
    Ariel Alcazar 28. July 2013 (1:03)

    I was read the transcript but it seems really long Like it was never going to end. But it seems Like you guys had a great chat.

  • comment-avatar
    Ariel Alcazar 28. July 2013 (1:26)

    I have also read &watched the boy in the striped pajamas, and thought it was o.k.

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