Florence & The Machine Start Recording New Record At Abbey Road Studios

Florence talks about recording a new record, performing at the Met Ball in New York and working with Baz Luhrman in her newest blog post on florenceandthemachine.net:

Temples, McQueen And New York Dreams

Mon 16 May, 2011

Hello everybody!

I haven’t written one of these in a while; sorry for neglecting you. I do hope this finds you all just splendid.

I’m back in Blighty now; the birds are singing, the summer’s nearly here, I miss you all and hope to see you soon.

We’ve started recording the new record, excitingly, at the famous Abbey Road Studios. Haven’t quite managed to get our pictures taken on that legendary zebra crossing yet, but we do spend a lot of time looking over at other people’s attempts. Lying down in the middle of it seems to be popular, weirdly. Bit dangerous if you ask me.


The other week I had the enormous privilege and honour of being asked to perform at the Met Ball in New York, in celebration of the incredible new Alexander McQueen retrospective ‘Savage Beauty.’It was such an amazing night in honour of an amazing and dazzlingly talented man. It’s impossible to describe just how beautiful and terrifying and genuinely moving the exhibition is: I implore you to go and see it if you can. The depths of McQueen’s creativity and imagination are just astounding.

Performing right in front of the magnificent Temple of Dendur was just incredible. The best stage set you could ever ask for, though I don’t think The Metropolitan Museum will be letting me borrow it any time soon. It’s from 15 BC so I guess it’s like, priceless, pretty much.


Also – DREAM OF DREAMS – I got to work with the fabulous Baz Lurhmann; one of my favourite directors of all time. In Baz I think I may have finally met my maximalist partner in crime. It was so fun putting the Met Ball show together with him; there were moons, choirs, fires, temples, mystery lute players. It was like ‘Indiana Jones; The Musical.’ Only with David Bowie in drag playing Indiana.

It’s so lovely being back in London. I love this town, and I love you all.

See you out there somewhere. Will write again soon!


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