The Thing About “Love”: Clear Your Heart And Let Go

Love is a complicated thing. It’s the ultimate goal – we chase after it every day, no matter if we are single and looking for a partner, or if we are in a relationship looking for acknowledgment from our partner. Love is the key to happiness. Our life can only be fulfilled if we love someone and be loved in return.

But this is only one side of love. Love can also be toxic. We fall in love with the wrong person all the time. Sometimes only our pride is hurt, if we are in too deep, our heart, and in the worst case even our body if we happen to get stuck in an abusive relationship.

How do we recognize wrong from right? Will we lose a one time opportunity if we let go too soon?
Every case is different, I’m sure of that, but I have experienced the following:

– he isn’t there when you need him (cause dude is so busy)
– he cares more about others than about you (you know, the other girl who is always prettier, more interesting and so hard to get, while you are just always fucking there when he calls)
– you have to fight for his attention (e.g. he is constantly texting on his phone instead of being present when you meet up – if it wasn’t so expensive I’d love to just throw his phone into his face or into the toilet, next time)
– he seems to only message you when he wants something (or is bored, cause the other girl(s) are out)
– the relation of giving and getting is way off (cause you are apparently so lucky to even get the tiniest bit of his attention)
– he gives you the feeling of not being good/beautiful enough for him (= you feel like throwing a party when he likes a photo of you on Facebook or gives you a compliment. Actually he never says something nice about your looks).

If you experience this with the guy you’ve fallen for, I can only give you the advice to let him go. Remember that you are practically wasting your time with a douchebag while the person who really loves you is out there somewhere. And if there’s something we really don’t have, it’s time. All the “wise” talk about having to wait for true love and fighting for love is really just idiotic bullshit spread by 25 year olds who still have all the time in the world.
If he doesn’t appreciate you, you owe it to yourself to clear your mind, clear your heart and let him go. You are smart. You are hot. You deserve better!

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