Stop Kony? Who the F*** is Kony???

In case you’ve asked yourself this, cause you’ve seen the name “Kony” float around the web during the last hours, you asked the right question! The answer is in this video, and I strongly recommend you watch the whole thing, because there is some really important information in it. Also, it’s only 30 minutes, not 3 hours, so I bet you’ll survive focussing your attention on this video for a while.

1. I think I can refrain from commenting the cause, still I want to make sure that you are aware that Kony is only one of many persons killing, raping, mutilating children in the world. The interest in “world news” isn’t very high, but please take a few minutes at least once a week to check out websites from UNHCR, UNICEF, Save the Children, Human Rights Watch or Amnesty who have really good news sections where you can keep informed about crimes like the ones Kony is committing while you are drinking your morning coffee.

2. Whoever planned this Kony 2012 campaign is a fucking genius! Not only is it very easy to share the information about Kony, but the website is also brilliant ( There are a lot of great features that make it really easy for us to support the cause, so make sure you check it out and try out the features there.

3. I see one problem: the “Cover the Night” event is on April 20, which is in over 1 1/2 months, I’m afraid people may have lost interest by then, when Kony isn’t the new exciting thing in the media anymore. This is why I’m planning to do another Twitter flashmob on April 15. More details about this later here on this blog.

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    Irvin 7. March 2012 (21:30)

    @ the 3rd bullet point. Thats true but just like anything, the serious ones who are dedicated will stick to it because they love doing it and believe in it. This applies to anything also from sports to hobbies etc are just examples.

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      adiek84 7. March 2012 (21:46)

      I really hope you’re right. Well, the Twitter flashmob on April 15 will definitely remind everyone who has forgotten about it!

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    Bonita Kioki Nobum (@GLAMMAMONTANA) 7. March 2012 (22:00)

    You are an effin genius for this blog post! I will certainly be sharing the link to this page. I have shared both via Facebook & my Twitter profiles and you’re absoultely right; its easy! The most important thing for our lazy fellow Americans is that it’s simple & FREE! I will be supporting this cause all year & sharing w.everyone I know. I’m worried about the timing til April, but I belive this campaign is strong & I think there are amazing ppl supporting it who will make sure this cause stays in the news! Hope to get more ppl involved. 🙂

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      adiek84 7. March 2012 (23:24)

      Thanks so much for the kind words! It’s great that you support the cause and I really hope that we can make a change and save those poor children! Sharing helps so much, it’s just a click 🙂

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