New Heidi Blogs: Bali Food & Dog Food

Heidi posted two more blog posts. The first one is another great food post with lots of great pictures. I advice you to eat before you check them out, because they are so yummy, they might physically hurt a hungry stomach.

The second one is really interesting, especially for dog owners. As you might know, Heidi’s dog is allergic to the usual staple food, so she has to prepare homemade food for him. Here she explains how you can put your doggie to a healthy raw meat diet.

Bali Food | Photo: Heidi Woan/

Dog Food | Photo: Heidi Woan/

A dog. Uhm...Heidi posted this pic on her blog before, but I have no idea if that's the patient. Photo: Heidi Woan/beefstewnoodles

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