Blog Readers, I need your help! Who lives in Chicago?

UPDATE: The clue was picked up! It was a T-Shirt leading us to the next clue in BRAZIL! 😀

Dear blog readers, I know many of you are from the USA, so I guess there might be someone who lives in Chicago. I need YOUR help!

What you need: a little free time and the willingness to do something a little crazy
What you get: Internet fame, the gratitude of millions of people all over the world

What to do:

– Go to the Lincoln Park Zoo
– In the Gateway Pavillon you will find an envelope (maybe ask for it there)
– make a picture of the information you will find inside and send it to or tweet it to @adiek84 or message me on Facebook (Adie Klarpol)

What the hell am I talking about?

Linkin Park are doing a real life scavenger hunt with clues all around the world (summary here). The current clue is aforementioned envelope in the Lincoln Park Zoo. Unfortunately all LP fans are working now or doing whatever else, so at this moment, there’s no one to get this clue for us.
So if your willing to help us out, I will definitely feature you on this blog and mention you with all your social network accounts, so you can get something out of this as well. Also, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park himself has mentioned some fans who found the last clues on his blog, so you have a great chance to get some love from many people for your help!

If you wanna go, just comment this post, tweet me (@adiek84), or email me (

Thanks a lot!


PS: I’ve gained a lot of new followers during the last days. Thank you all very much!

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