Big Announcement! OMG! My Blog has Schizophrenia!

Or a new franchise? Whatever you wanna call it, here’s the big announcement! Everything Linkin Park related will now be published on my brand new blog!


Dear Linkin Park Fans!
You might already know my blog and you may have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot Linkin Park stuff there for a while. Unfortunately this isn’t really great for all the readers that aren’t Linkin Park fans, so what to do? Create a new blog, of course!
Just to make this clear, this blog is for the fans! This means that I won’t compete in the run for the newest updates with already established fansites like LPA, LPL, MSC etc.. I will only post news via quoting those sites!
You can find here fan reviews of Linkin Park Concerts and LPU Events, Fan’s pictures and videos, Promotion campaigns on Twitter, like the great Listening Party we had on Tuesday, Music for Relief news etc.
So, this blog is pretty much a franchise of my main blog XD.
Have fun here and spread the word! You can find the new Twitter and Facebook accounts on the sidebar!

So if you liked the fan reviews, you should head over there, because in the future, I will only post them on this site! The same goes for the big recap of the Listening Party including pictures that were posted on the Facebook Event Page’s Wall!

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