Album Review: Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns

If you are a Linkin Park fan you might have heard that they’ve released a new album last week. You might have also heard that the album is quite different to their last works. I bought “A Thousand Suns” last week and must say that it really is different to A Hybrid Theory or Meteora but even though I was quite disappointed after the first listen I still gave it a chance and listened to it again – and was blown away. ATS is probably Linkin Park’s best album so far and I hope that all the hardcore LP fans try to be a bit more open to new things and realise that LP can’t be defined by HT or Meteora. The only thing I din’t like: too many preludes and only nine full tracks. There could have been more…really!

Favs: When they come for me, Blackout, Wretches and Kings, Iridescent, The Catalyst

Hates: The Messenger

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