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OutListen’s Crowdsourced Concert Videos: A New Music Format

OutListen aims to pair fan videos with soundboard audio to create crowdsourced concert videos. Image modified from

Attending a show is different now. Everybody’s holding up a cellphone shooting video instead of watching and listening. This doesn’t have to be a 100-percent bad thing, however. A startup called OutListen intends to turn this sow’s ear into a silk purse by encouraging concertgoers to upload their smartphone footage to an online calendar. If enough people upload footage from the same show, OutListen will cobble it all together by syncing the audio waveforms (clever), so that the band (or more likely their “people”) can add the high-quality audio track they hopefully remembered to record at the show, and then release the result as a new type of music product: the crowdsourced concert video. ...