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Great LEGO Christmas Tree Unveiled in London!

Awww, I want this at home!!! Where can I get those elementary children? Wait a minute...I have ...

A Conversation with Kaws and José Parlá

Photo: Life and Times

José Parlá and KAWS. Two kindred spirits catapulted from the underground to the contemporary art world, still gaining international acclaim every passing year. Although, the work is vastly different, each man possesses a distinct visual language and an evolving maturation. Despite the polar influences, there’s one city they both call home – Brooklyn. Having recently exhibited in Los Angeles – José Parlá showing at OHWOW while KAWS was exhibiting at Honor Fraser- both artists experienced a homerun of sorts on the West Coast, but are happy to be back at headquarters in New York. We visited Parla’s Fort Greene studio to overhear the boys wax poetics on their roots, gardening, and the good ‘ol days. [Moderated by Jauretsi Saizarbitoria] ...

Fan Review: Rockstar Uproar Festival in Englewood, CO

First of all thanks to Nikki for being so patient with me. She wrote this review in early October, but I had some problems in my private life in addition to my final exams at University and couldn't post the review until now.

Review of Rockstar Uproar Festival in Englewood, Colorado, October 5, 2011 by Nichole Portales

I attended Rockstar Uproar Festival in Englewood, CO last Wednesday. I had an all access pass but didn’t go backstage or go to the signings because I would have to miss one of the other band’s sets and this show had such an amazing lineup that I didn’t want to miss anything. I got there around 4pm when the doors opened and they had a bunch of booths set up, including a slushy stand but I had a pit pass so I pretty much went directly to the pit and when I got there it was already filling up because it is a very small section in front of the stage but I ended up standing in the 3rd row so I was still really close....
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