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Simply the Best of 2011 Part II

Best Art Shows & Art Events:!/Marthalicia/status/148054058815602688!/Marthalicia/status/148054407152545793

Simply the Best of 2011 Part I

Like last year, I've asked you guys for your Top 5 of 2011 lists, Person of the year, etc. and the response I got was incredible! Thanks for tweeting me your lists! I know this post is really huge, but read through all of it, cause I managed to get a few respones from some known artists, so you might spot a familiar name. I've also collected some lists from magazines that weren't directly tweeted to me. As Twitter is too slow to manage this post of awesomeness, I had to seperate it into two parts. Go here for Part II. Also I wanted to thank my e-mail subscribers! It's great that my emails don't annoy you and you're still sticking with me! Props to you! Another big thanks goes to my dear Antigoni who has always supported me throughout the year. Have a great 2012! Adie <3 you! :-D To all my readers: Happy New Year!
Person of the Year:!/rynsk/status/148868497005486082!/rynsk/status/148868785430999041 Ryan Shuck (Julien K)!/LPfan1989/status/147037620608843776!/ShinodasArmy/status/149994589971939329 ...

My Favourite Songs of 2011

In no particular order: Ryu - I did it to myself One of my favourite rap songs from last year. I love the lyrics, they're honest and authentic. I really love Ryu's crew Get Busy Committtee, but I also wish he'd release a solo record!
The Naked & Famous - Punching in a Dream I've discovered many great new bands in 2011 and The Naked and Famous are one of them. Their album "Passive me, aggressive you" is so great and you should all buy it! ...

New Year’s Resolutions: do they always fail?

These days, we all make our commitments about things we want to do or change when the new year ...

My Most Anticipated Album Releases in 2012

After 2011 has been such a great year in music, 2012 looks like it could be even better with many great artists releasing new albums next year! Here are the ones I'm looking forward to the most: 1. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (January 30) Lana del Rey is probably one of the most hyped artists out there, but the four already released songs (Video Games, Blue Jeans, Born to Die, Off to the Races) from her upcoming album "Born to Die" definitely live up to all the expectations!

R.I.P. James Rizzi (5. 10. 1950 – 26. 12. 2011)

It’s with great distress and sorrow that we have to announce the death of James Rizzi. The ...

Free Download: Lykke Li – The Lost Sessions Vol.1

Vol. 1? That sounds like there will be more! :-)
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